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Community Members HomePage

Thank you for becoming a registered member of our community


As a member of the community, you will be able to add Wayist material from any bona-fide source. You will be able to edit text on pages. Add graphics to pages for improved presentation. Suggest new pages on topics. Help to monitor and manage this resource. Translate any page to a language that you work in. Convene with like-minded members all over the world.

In addition, you can propose activities for the Community along the year. See the Common Agenda below.

Difference between Article and Wiki

A Wiki page is a page where others can add, edit, improve the content over time. Typically, Wiki pages contain definitions and facts about a topic.
An article is the writer's opinion. As members we can like and comment on the article but we cannot edit the contents.

What if I see a Wiki page on a topic with inadequate content?

If you know where to source Wayist content, or you are a subject expert, please add content to the page.

What is considered bona-fide Wayist content?

Source Wayist content from the websites monitored by International Association of Wayist Organizations.

wayism.org | wayist.org | wayism.info | wayist.com | and more

There are other sources too, like writings and blogs of known Wayist teachers or books that you know are mentioned in bona-fide resources.

There is no harm in getting something wrong as long as you are not too sensitive to handle when a correction is made. There is more harm in if we do not get the job done.

Translate a page

At the bottom of a page is a link to Translate. When you translate a page using the link, the system knows to link your page to the original and knows how to present it to users. Without that, you have an orphan page and of course nobody wants to make orphans, its just not nice.


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